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PYRO Presents Two Concurrent Solo Exhibitions
The Next Call: LetterForms - Work by Keith Auerbach
WOW: Wonderful Old Women- Work by Ann Stewart Anderson

PYRO Gallery 909 East Market Street Louisville, Kentucky 40206

February 21st, 2013 through March 30th, 2013 Opening Reception: Friday, February 22nd, 2013: 6-9 PM First Friday Trolley Hop: Friday, March 1st, 2013: 6-9 PM

On first look, the work by Keith Auerbach "The Next Call: LetterForms" and that of Ann Stewart Anderson "WOW - wonderful old women" have almost nothing in common. Although both artists work in two dimensional format, Auerbach's images exude elegance and fluid arabesques of movement; Anderson's portraits of imagined women are blatantly figurative and emotional.

However, both artists are concerned with similar concepts. Auerbach begins with original text, print, fonts, hieroglyphs, and graffiti and transforms them into intriguing abstract images.

For Auerbach, 15th century Latin Gutenberg script twists into fossil forms. The patinated colors of Egyptian hieroglyphs evolve into musical rhythms. A mysterious landscape slips out of a 1940's Geometry textbook. The written word echoes the printed past and is a new image altogether.

Anderson cuts pages from art magazines employing scissors and glue to re-vision the elements to create features, clothing and jewelry for her ladies. Both artists are actively engaged in a process of masking and unmasking.The dynamics of actually cutting an image of a John Chamberlain sculpture from a magazine and pasting it on a woman's head both conceals the original work while it is revealed in its new form as a stylish hat.

For both artists this revealing and concealing, masking and unmasking, establishes rhythmic intensity. Though the visual outcomes are different, Auerbach and Anderson work instinctively to create compositions replete with shifts in visual focus and infinite possibility.

PYRO Gallery is open 12 PM to 6 PM on Thursdays thru Saturday, or by appointment. The gallery is open late during artist receptions and First Friday Trolley Hops. Admission to PYRO Gallery is FREE and open to the public. Preview the show....


The Book
The Photographic Humor Of Keith Auerbach is having a poplular reception. Read the great review "A Visual Dance" in The Courier Journal written by Julien Robson, the then Curator Of Contempoary Art, Speed Museum and now the Curator Of Contempoary Art at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia.
His book is available here in Louisville at: 21C Musuem Hotel, Carmichael's Books, Barnes & Noble at the Summit, Borders Gardner Lane and Stoney Brook, Edenside Gallery, Speed Museum Gift Shop, Regallos, Kentucky Museum of Arts and Crafts store, PYRO Gallery, and, of course, on this website.

Some of Keith's images were also published in The Annual Best Of Photography 2007 and in feature articles about him in Kentucky Humanities Magazine,October 2007 and in the Derby Issue of Kentucky Homes and Garden Magazine, March/April 2008. He was also featured on Kentucky Educational Television (KET) Louisville Life. Watch here

Most recently,his images were published in The Annual Best Of Photography 2008, in the coffee table book The International Photography Awards/Lucie Awards 2008, and in SPECTRUM, the British publication UK Sunday Times inaugural photography magazine published all over Britain and Europe.

Keith has won over 20 National Competitions in the past 3 years. Highlights include his humor book winning a Book Of The Year (IPPY) Award from the Independent Publishers Association and the International Photography/Lucie Award which is considered the equivalent of an Oscar in the photography world.

He donated 13 photographs to the permanent collection of Guilda's Club of Louisville on Baxter Avenue. The cancer patients and their families are enjoying his images.

Keith Auerbach

Keith Auerbach, a native of Louisville, Kentucky, earned his BA in Art History from Northwestern University. He studied photography at the San Francisco Art Institute, the California College of Arts and Crafts and at the University of Louisville with Suzanne Mitchell. More recently he has studied with Joyce Tenneson, Sheila Metzner, Duane Michals, John Paul Caponigro and Maggie Taylor. He is a member of PYRO Co-op Gallery in Louisville. Each week for more than 15 years, his photographs were featured as a visual statement in the Louisville Eccentric Observer (LEO). He has won numerous awards, both nationally and regionally. His images have been published in newspapers and magazines and have been selected for book and album covers. He travels extensively, ever expanding his quest for fragile moments and unexpected pairings.

PYRO Gallery 909 East Market Street Louisville, Kentucky 40206

Opening Reception | Friday, February 22, 6 9 pm
First Friday Trolley Hop | March 1, 6 9 pm
Show Dates | February 21 March 30, 2013
Gallery hours | Thursday Saturday, 12 6 pm

The artwork in this exhibition derives from printed texts, hieroglyphs, graffiti, and type fonts which have been transformed into abstract imagery. The unique quality of Gutenberg type morphs into a visual poem. 15th century Latin script twists into fossil forms. The patinated colors of Egyptian hieroglyphs evolve into musical rhythms. A mysterious landscape slips out of a 1940s geometry textbook. Shell forms and calligraphy spring from the altered page of an 1860s edition of Les Miserables. The written word becomes an alphabet of visual imagery echoing the printed past with a new and dynamic voice.